Corporate Story

Infrastructure, Key Messaging, Executive Messaging, Emergency Services Broadcasting

Public Safety Portfolio, Queensland Government

Shona is most recently the Strategic Content Director overseeing the design and production of media content and corporate communications content for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, Queensland Police Service, Inspector General Emergency Management and the Public Safety Business Agency. With a vision for efficiency and industry standards, Shona’s team of highly skilled multi-media producers strategise, design and produce internal and external content ranging from cross-portfolio corporate content and Commissioner’s Q&A programs, to web series such as the highly successful fire retrospective Back to the Brass Helmet – published in partnership with The Courier Mail and the Queensland Times. Success in the media publishing landscape includes the commissioning and maintenance of an online newsroom and a DAM for the curation and distribution of emergency services content and breaking news. Major campaigns for this period include ‘Open Doors’ a multi-lanuage video resource targeting Domestic Violence,  ‘Boundless Duty’ a six part series on the remotest police stations in Queensland, the ‘OI’ It’s Your Choice TVC campaign tackling community violence as well as the groundbreaking ‘It Gets Better’ LGBTQI project for the Queensland Police Service.

Embassy of Australia, Washington DC

Shona entered the Media environment in the weeks after 911 to embark on a five year assignment with DFAT’s Public Diplomacy branch. News coverage was extensive, and as official videographer, Shona was given exclusive access to the Whitehouse and Congress, including Prime Ministerial visits 2002-2005, Ministerial visits 2002-2006, Anzus treaty, AU/US Free Trade Agreement, Ausmin defence conferences, Joint Strike Fighters agreement and the historic Prime Ministerial address to Congress. In this environment, Shona pushed technical publishing boundaries, pioneering the streaming of news and promotional packages in video news release and web streaming format from the Australian Government website.