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The Olive Kiss

The story of ‘The Olive Kiss’ tells of the unknown nuance between a master craftsman and a wealthy Judea merchant. An evolving friendship that leads to jealousy, envy and fatal mistakes. Authored by Shona Cox in 2000 and published in 2017, ‘The Olive Kiss’ takes an ancient story and re-imagines it. With original artwork commissioned as printed works, ‘The Olive Kiss’ is a study of poetry, literature and art. Written in the visual style of cinematic prose, peppered with lyrical descriptions and focusing on the intimate relationships between characters known in biblical times, ‘The Olive Kiss’ is a quest for the great ‘what if?’

“Brilliant and beautiful” with visionary insight, Shona Cox has crafted the poetry and landscape of the ancient world. Yet, the characters remain modern, their tension and demands completely on trend with everyday life, of friendship, desire, intrigue, distrust and loss. ‘The Olive Kiss’ is written for now, its message of old resonating through time to strike a chord in our contemporary buzz. Listen, absorb and seek more is the mantra of this work.

‘The Olive Kiss’ is available on Amazon Kindle as well as in hardcover and paperback editions, ordered using the online shop below.

Stunning glass reprints of the original water-colours by artist Tilly Allard are available as bookshelf or mantle-piece acrylic blocks as well as glass wall prints. Orders and delivery can be raised below.

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