Limited edition: Original framed watercolour


Congratulations on purchasing one of only six original watercolour paintings commissioned by author Shona Cox for the novella ‘The Olive Kiss.’

This image was first drafted in pencil by artist Tilly Allard, before being painted on watercolour paper for insertion into the print and digital copies of ‘The Olive Kiss’ (c) 2017

Your original work has been professionally framed with conservation glass, designed to protect the image for life.

For cleaning, it is recommended to use soft cotton gloves to wipe the glass, and a high grade lens or glass cleaner for any spots on the glass. Do not spray directly onto the glass, but dab cleaner onto any spots with soft cotton gloves.

We hope you treasure this original work of art and the vision of the artist who has brought it to life.

*Digital copies and print reproduction rights of images and publications for The Olive Kiss remain with Shona Cox (c) 2017

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Velvet Night Tilly Allard